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What is Spinal Fusion?

If you have been diagnosed with a spinal disorder, you may be considering spinal fusion surgery as a treatment option. This procedure can help alleviate back pain and improve function. But what is spinal fusion, and what can you expect from the surgery? This guide will discuss the basics of spinal fusion surgery. We will…

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What Is a Cervical Disk Replacement?

Cervical disk replacement is a treatment for chronic neck pain and other symptoms caused by deteriorated or damaged disks in your cervical spine, like arm pain, numbness, or weakness. Your surgeon removes a damaged or diseased disk during the procedure and replaces it with an artificial one. It’s a relatively new surgical procedure. Modern cervical…

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Seeing a Neurosurgeon for Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone. Those affected by carpal tunnel often don’t know the proper medical professional to seek diagnosis and treatment. Usually, a neurologist or spine specialty physician will be the best resource. Before speaking with a neurologist to determine if carpal tunnel release is the best option, let’s go…

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