StealthStation™ Surgical Navigation and O-arm™ Surgical Imaging System

That’s why our operating rooms include cutting-edge navigation and imaging equipment, including the StealthStation™ and O-arm™ Systems. The O-arm™ System creates detailed 2- and 3-dimensional images, which provide our physicians with more information during surgery.


It's All About Your Care

Advanced, Proven Technology

GNS Surgery Center is one of over 850 facilities worldwide that offer O-arm™ Surgical Imaging. This surgical scanning system combines the best features of C-arm technology with intra-operative 3-D imaging and navigation.

Data for Enhanced Surgical Decisions

Intra-operative imaging, coupled with surgical navigation, enables your surgeon to provide you with a precise surgery. The key to this technology is the delivery of critical information during each step of your surgical procedure — potentially reducing the need for repeat surgery.

Providing You with the Best Possible Care

The StealthStation™ and O-arm™ solution improves visualization and the ability to perform minimally invasive procedures. For patients, this may mean smaller incisions, faster recovery times, and enhanced surgical outcomes.

Patient Benefits from Mazor X Stealth




Robotic Spine Surgery with The Mazor X Stealth™ Edition

GNS Surgery Center now offers the latest advance in minimally invasive spine surgery. The Mazor X Stealth™ Edition Robotic Guidance System allows our surgeons to perform less invasive surgical procedures with smaller incisions, faster recovery time and shorter hospital stays, ultimately returning patients to their active lifestyles faster.

Our Physicians

Our facility is accredited by Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

GNS Surgery Center partners with a team of expert spine specialists to provide advanced care for back, neck, and spinal disorders.